Ragtime at the Ritz

Ragtime at the Ritz SALE
Ragtime at the Ritz SALE
Ragtime at the Ritz
Ragtime at the Ritz

Boujee NOLA

$22.00 $32.99

Candles & Melts by New Orleans local Boujee NOLA

100% renewable soy and premium luxury oils

The Ragtime at the Ritz collection:

Immerse yourself in the opulence of this signature scents. From the refreshing notes of citrus and sea breeze to the warm embrace of vanilla and amber, each fragrance is expertly blended to create a harmonious and captivating olfactory experience. Whether you prefer something light and airy or rich and indulgent, there is a scent in our collection that will speak to your unique preferences.

Wax Melts are 3oz

8oz Candles have a single wick and is perfect for a small space.

13oz Candles are double wicked and perfect for a medium to large space.

15oz Candles are triple wicked and perfect for large spaces.


Why Soy Candles?

Soy wax has nothing artificial and is thus a more preferable choice than paraffin wax, an oil-derived material which can have hazardous outcomes upon melting or burning. Plus, soy wax is non-toxic, making it beneficial to both the environment and one's wellbeing.

Soy wax candles burn at a slower rate than those made from paraffin, thus delivering a longer lifespan. Furthermore, soy wax candles typically produce little to no soot emissions, thus burning much cleaner than other varieties.

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